Friday, 16 October 2009

My Album

Hello everyone now i want to share with you all about my new album i created by my self. The title of my album is "Sweet From Dayah".

1.You are not alone

This song to tell that everyone not alone, even she or he sad, they still have friends to make them happy such as song, they can hear that song and can make them feel happy and make them feel relax because this song actually is slow song but not like sad song, this song is universal and everyone can hear this song.

2. Love is crying and laughing

This song for me its to special because this song story about real love that usually happened among of them, it tell that love actually is so beautiful and some time it can make our feel sad and from that we can cry. Mostly for girl will be crying if something happen between their relationship with boyfriend or family. Actually this song not only focus for couple but it also include between relationship family, in family without any love between their members, its so nothing. so its mean that love is so important in our life if have sadness its very common and we as human must get a effective way to solve it. And if have sadness of course have laughing from laugh its actually our bond between them become more strong.

3. Go go

Title of that song i think its so special and unique its "go go". So its that behind of the story, its happen when that girl is actually like saying " go go" to their friends, family members, since she from child she like saying like that to everyone. The girl will be saying like that to show that she give their support to their friends, and family, so this song happen to shows that the girl give support to everyone which is want it their support, to become a better person in their life.

4.Sweet Memories

Sweet memories tell to everyone that everyone have their own memories whether bad or good. This song tell that sweet memories can make we feel like more cheerful in our life and make our life become more better from before this.

5.That boy

This song its about they known this boy since they teenagers, and this boy always disturb them. They at that song actually refer to a group of girls teenager. This boy actually is so naughty and always make them feel uncomfortable. One day The girls make a strategic and they want to disturb the boy but in a softy way. And lastly that boy make feel ashamed and did not disturb them again.


This song of course told about family. From the title we already know, This all about from the parents actually busy with their career and their child feel so sad and bored. Their parents actually love to their child but the child did not think about that, so its story how the child talk to their parents, which is actually their parents is very fierce.

7.V.I.V.A. Forever

V.I.V.A. it is actually refer to name of person it is are Vanessa, Is, Vivian and Amie. Its actually they are friends since secondary school and now until they have already work they still friends
so forever its means when we combined the word its mean friends forever. so it mean they want their relationship as friends become forever.

8.Never say good bye

This song means that the girl said to their boyfriends, do not say good bye, even they have must go through any trial in along they relationship, even they have must to go far away they have must do that, but whatever happened in future do not said good bye.


This song about a type of bird is Nuri. A bird from their mother who actually a mother give to their daughter as a birthday present. A mother know the daughter actually like to bird. So a mother decide to give a Nuri because of Nuri is so beautiful with their colourful further.

10. Sweetest girl

This song it is about story of the girl who actually sweet from the eye a boy. The boy actually like that girl but he did not say to that girl, because of he scared, and he decide to still just look at that girl from far, until the girl say something and they become a good friends.

That's all for today, i hope you all like it. Thank you.

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