Friday, 16 October 2009

My Album

Hello everyone now i want to share with you all about my new album i created by my self. The title of my album is "Sweet From Dayah".

1.You are not alone

This song to tell that everyone not alone, even she or he sad, they still have friends to make them happy such as song, they can hear that song and can make them feel happy and make them feel relax because this song actually is slow song but not like sad song, this song is universal and everyone can hear this song.

2. Love is crying and laughing

This song for me its to special because this song story about real love that usually happened among of them, it tell that love actually is so beautiful and some time it can make our feel sad and from that we can cry. Mostly for girl will be crying if something happen between their relationship with boyfriend or family. Actually this song not only focus for couple but it also include between relationship family, in family without any love between their members, its so nothing. so its mean that love is so important in our life if have sadness its very common and we as human must get a effective way to solve it. And if have sadness of course have laughing from laugh its actually our bond between them become more strong.

3. Go go

Title of that song i think its so special and unique its "go go". So its that behind of the story, its happen when that girl is actually like saying " go go" to their friends, family members, since she from child she like saying like that to everyone. The girl will be saying like that to show that she give their support to their friends, and family, so this song happen to shows that the girl give support to everyone which is want it their support, to become a better person in their life.

4.Sweet Memories

Sweet memories tell to everyone that everyone have their own memories whether bad or good. This song tell that sweet memories can make we feel like more cheerful in our life and make our life become more better from before this.

5.That boy

This song its about they known this boy since they teenagers, and this boy always disturb them. They at that song actually refer to a group of girls teenager. This boy actually is so naughty and always make them feel uncomfortable. One day The girls make a strategic and they want to disturb the boy but in a softy way. And lastly that boy make feel ashamed and did not disturb them again.


This song of course told about family. From the title we already know, This all about from the parents actually busy with their career and their child feel so sad and bored. Their parents actually love to their child but the child did not think about that, so its story how the child talk to their parents, which is actually their parents is very fierce.

7.V.I.V.A. Forever

V.I.V.A. it is actually refer to name of person it is are Vanessa, Is, Vivian and Amie. Its actually they are friends since secondary school and now until they have already work they still friends
so forever its means when we combined the word its mean friends forever. so it mean they want their relationship as friends become forever.

8.Never say good bye

This song means that the girl said to their boyfriends, do not say good bye, even they have must go through any trial in along they relationship, even they have must to go far away they have must do that, but whatever happened in future do not said good bye.


This song about a type of bird is Nuri. A bird from their mother who actually a mother give to their daughter as a birthday present. A mother know the daughter actually like to bird. So a mother decide to give a Nuri because of Nuri is so beautiful with their colourful further.

10. Sweetest girl

This song it is about story of the girl who actually sweet from the eye a boy. The boy actually like that girl but he did not say to that girl, because of he scared, and he decide to still just look at that girl from far, until the girl say something and they become a good friends.

That's all for today, i hope you all like it. Thank you.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

10 Fact about me.

Hello everyone, today i want to share with you all about 10 fact about me.

1. Sourpuss

-Actually i easily to get mad with anything that i think make me not comfortable and and the same time i back to the normal before i back to the normal mostly i will crying, then i will be a normal.

2.First from 6 siblings.

- I older children from 6 siblings, i the only girl, i have 5 brothers, second is 18 years old, i closer with him. Actually i have been punched before with my younger brother thirdly their age 14, it happen because of misunderstanding, its be little ill civet but i box him back, like wrestling.

3.I like to eat

- Even i small but i like to eat, even i have already eat rise but i can eat half of pizza and spaghetti. It's true because i have already try and its so delicious. And my auntie was shock when she look at me eat thereby appetizing.

4.Go to the cinema

-l love go to the cinema, when i hang out with my friends or my cousin when have new movie and i attracted i will see it at the cinema, I sense of fun and enjoy when seeing movie added also with sound effect that looks clearer.

5.I hate Lizard

- I don't know why i hate lizard, for me lizard that is amusing.

6.I love to friends with everyone

-I love to friends with everyone, for me have more friends make our life more cheerful. And i universal i can enter with quiet or talkative person. And i really hope that my friends will accept my manner is scratch.


- I love to talk, but sometimes i will be a quiet person. It is depends on mine, when i want to talk automatically i will talk like water without non-stop. which friends who closer with me they will understand me, who am i.

8. I like Sister

- when my mom was pregnant i said my mom i want baby girl, because of i so boring be a the only girl in my family i want a friends, i said that.But lastly i still got a chubby younger brother, after that i sulky i don't want to eat, but lastly i be a normal and i eat a lot.haahhahah...and i have accept that now i love so much with my younger brother.

9.I like to hang out

-I like to hang out with my friends,cousin and my auntie. actually when i have free time i will hang out with them.

10.I like music&Dance

- I like everything about music and dancing, but unfortunately i cannot dancing. I only just looking other person dance. Beside that i like Music R&B and Pop. About dance i like to watch "So You Think You Can Dance". I also like Music Shuffle and Dance shuffle.

OK, thank you for reading my blog,see you my next entry.bye

Monday, 10 August 2009

My Classmates

1. Hafiz, he is the one chubby boy in my class, for me he is helpful person, he is kind to everyone. what i know he and Zaki are closer friends because they from same high school. I know him since in part 1 because we are from same class. Hafiz one of the Exco in Club Irama.

2.Dhamiri is the one that i think funny person, he like to wear tight shirt. He is easily to friend with everyone include girl in our class.

3.Afiq, he have white skin and little bit chubby. when he is wearing spectacles look like little bit matured. I know him since i was part 1, i think he is quite person.

4.Zaki he is simple person, even though he is look like a messy boy, and sometimes look like rock style, but he is brilliant boy in our class, what can i see he is expert in calculation subject, like maths and he did not stingy knowledge.

5.Kashfi, I know him since part 1, because he is my class representative. He is tall person for first time i saw him, i thought he is arrogant person but i was wrong actually he was friendly,and he is a futsal player.

6.Ahmad Ruzaini or i called him as "Evra" i dont know why we must called him as evra maybe have reason that i don't know. Evra is Bomba commander, he is look like has a high self confidence, he is the new one person enter d2 class, before this he is from d3 class, it is maybe him class already full or he just want to try other class.

7.Hafiz Ahmad or we called him as Frankie. He is the one a unique person in our class, he like politic a lot, i still remember he described politic person that he love in class Bel in part 1. He is i think a hardworking person in their study.

8. Shukri, he is commander of JPA, i think he is quiet and shy person, he closed with Evra it is because both of them from same class before they enter d2 class for this semester.

1.Suatika or i called her as Sue. Sue from Zamrud college she is from same wing with me. She is quiet person, She closer with Leen, actually she has a small voice. she likes to smile with everyone. Sue from Ayer Tam nearest places with me, sometimes we back to the village together.

2.Leen, she is girl that i think has high self confidence. She has talented to be a debater, she also has a unique idea from her mind. Leen easily to friends with everyone including boys.

3.Anis, she from same college with me. She is quite person when she did not closer with that people, for person who Anis, actually she is happy go lucky person, like to laugh, she also sweet when she smile.

4. Nadiah, i know her since in part 1, those person who did not know her maybe think that she is arrogant, but actually she is friendly person, she always help me especially in study. She closer with Ita, it is because they from same high school. Actually nadiah mother's is Chinese, so no strange nadiah's eye is half-closer.

5. Nisa, she is has mixed from English person. She's father actually American people. But she is face look like Arabic. Nisa like calculation subject like Maths and Account. Although she is quiet person but she has a good brain, she is brilliant person, she always wear baju kurung like anis,wani. They are closer friends they always go to the class together.

6. Wani, she is a brilliant person, she always help me in studying when i don't know about the subject, she is quiet in class like Nisa and anis.

7. Siti Sarizah or i called her as Siti, she has a beautiful skin, she is sometimes can be a talkative person, she is kind with me, she is closer with Lana, Sina and Aleen. I know her since i was in part 1, because we are classmate.

8. Sina, she is the one chubby girls in my class. She is so cute for me. she like to friends with everyone. She is from Muar, for me she is friendly person and can talk easily with everyone including boys in our class.

9. Suria, she is the brilliant girl in my class, for me she is sweet, she is from Sepang, her is youngest from 3 siblings. I know her since in part 1, she is simple person.

10. Faina, she is closer with Ila,sue and Leen they go to the class together, Faina is hardworking person, even she is quiet in class but she has a brilliant ideas sometimes.

11. Liyana, she is the cutest person in my class, she is from Bukit Jalil. She is also brilliant girl in d2 class, Liyana actually talkative person and easily friends with everyone, she is kind with me.

12. Hasrita or i called her as Ita, she is closer with nadiah, ita have twins. Ita's twins name Hasrina or call as Ina.Ita also closer with her twins. What i know is Ita take mandarin language because Ina also take the same language at UiTM Kelantan. Ita kind with me she also help me in study when i don't know about the subject.

13.Its me Dayah.

14. Lana, she also the brilliant girls in class,she is very fluent in English same as Kashfi. Lana is the oldest children from 2 siblings. She closer with Siti, Sina and Aleen. She is simple person.

15.Ila is a fashionable girl in my class, she is also polite and quiet person. She is closer with Faina, sue and Leen.

16. Syima,she is very easy going, she is closer with Ifa maybe because they from same college.

17. Mira, she is from Gombak Selangor, she is nice girl and she is easy to laugh also make jokes, everyone easily friends with her. And sometime her face look serious to make me worried to say with her. But she is kind with me.

I think that's all for today. see you in my other entry, thank you.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

My Subject

Hello to all my lovely readers, we see again in my fourth essay. After about me, my roommates, being a senior, now i want to share about my subject for this semester. Actually in part 3 i have finance subject but i was pulled this subject during intersession. So, for this semester i have only 5 subject for final exam. The subject that i was taken are QMT261,BEL311,ECO211,BMD101,and CTU243.

For my subject Bel311, Sir Izuan was teaching in my classes, it is for the first time male lecturer teach me for this subject. BEL means basic English Language. For me Sir Izuan teach our class very well, he teaches what his affords, although he is strict in class but i know he wants his student be superlative in all assignments he gives. For this subject the carry mark is different from other subject because this subject the carry mark is 60% including the speaking and listening test.

QMT261 or introduction to statistic was teaching by Miss Arafah, she is a sporting lecturer, she told that she was in this campus in 2 or 3 semester. Carry mark for this subject totally 40% including quizzes, test 1 and test 2 and assignment. Actually i poor in subject count so I'm so scared for this subject, because totally my friend and senior said difficult to score this subject and many formula to memorizes.

ECO211 or macroeconomic its related to microeconomics or Eco162, this subject teaching by Prof. Madya Hj. Abdullah. He is so strict and funny when his teaching but he highlights every chapter clearly and all of us understand what his taught. Macroeconomic is about national income,employment rate and so on, to me we must be available general knowledge to know this subject with understand much more. Professor said every chapter have a quizzes and he will pick the best for our mark as a carry mark to enable to we afford score.

I also take BMD101 or mandarin language as my elective subject, i choose this subject because i interested to learn this subject. I like mandarin language very much because i want to try speak more than 1 or 2 language even only basic words. Lim Y. C. was teach me in this subject, he is always keep smiling to us, so our class always cheerful and sometimes like kindergarten because we must speak loudly to speak very well. Some people said practice make perfect. So, lastly i want to say thank you for those who read and follow up my essay. OK, Thank you.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Being a senior

Hello my lovely readers,for my third essay, i will tell you all about my experience to being a senior. Actually i have not enough experience to being a senior it is because i am already in part 3. But i will share to you all a little bit about my experience. Wan Aniza, or i called her as "Kak Zaza". She is the one senior that i know for the first time i came to this campus, Because we have a same room, "Kak Zaza" very kind to me she's treat me as a sister, she also help me when i have a problem and always give me a good advice, Now she is already graduate and i miss her a lot.

First of all, Senior means which is person who come early at that place especially at school, University or Office and which is person who called as junior must be respect them. It is because of senior have more knowledge than junior.

My experience being a senior at my campus, when a junior did not respect to their senior Bullies will become happen, it is because did not satisfied each other. And as a junior must always keep smiling to their senior ,it must to all junior.

One way to solve this problem, we must respect each other equally, and as a junior must respect their senior with their smiling it also can attract their senior to be a good friends with them, and lastly, we must treat each other as our family to be more closes.Thank you,hope you all like it what i have already write to my essay.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

My roommates

Hello guys,today i would like to tell you all about my roommates,actually i stay at Zamrud college,room Z112D,i stay at this room from last semester and now i still get the same room. I have 3 roommates all of them are my seniors and I'm the youngest. Now i will tell you all about them.

Firstly, i would like to start with Nor Shafina binti Sang, she was born on 28 September 1989 in Hospital Bentong Pahang,and now she stays at Kuala Lipis with her family. She has 5 siblings, all of them are girls. She love fast food especially McDonald and also spicy food. She likes to spend time every weekend with her boyfriend(who is name Helmi), she also like to surf the Internet. She is taking Computer Science,currently in part 4. Her age is 20 years old. I have known her since last semester but we are different room. For me,"Kak Shafina" is a simple and sweet person,sometimes can be a strict person but she is kind to me.

Secondly,my roommates name is Amy Munira binti Hazawan,i called her "Kak Amy". She is from Jelebu Negeri Sembilan. She was born on 23 March 1989,her age is 20 years old. She lives at Kuala Klawang Negeri Sembilan, She is the second child from 3 siblings. She likes to play games,her ambition is to be a teacher. Now she is studying Diploma in Information Management in part 4. For me,she is very quiet person.

Nor Sazrina binti Zulkifli is my third roommates. She was born on 19 December 1989 at Hospital Sultanah Aminah Johor Bharu,she from Kluang,Johor. She is the eldest sister from 4 siblings,she has one younger brother and two younger sisters. She is like her mother's cook. She always spends time to reading novels especially from "Alaf 21". Her favourite colours are pink and white. For me, she is a very sensitive person. She laughs and cries easily. She is taking Diploma in Computer Science now in part 4,Actually i know her since last semester because we are have the same room. For those who wants to rent a car,you can contact her. "Kak Shafina" and her business partner,they are runner from Bizandry's Company(They sell T-Shirts). That's all about my roommates. See you again in the next entry. Thank you.

Friday, 10 July 2009

About Me

Hi,everybody my name is Nur Hidayah bt Sadali,and my nick name is Dayah,i am 19years old,i was born at Hospital Sultanah Aminah Johor Bharu on 26 November 1990 at 12.31 a.m.My zodiac is Sagittarius.In his research Dr.Fadzilah Kamsah,said that people who was born on this month,mostly have creative thinking,unfortunately i am not like that.

My favourite food is Pizza Hut,although i know eating fast food is not good for our health but it's OK when we eat this fast food once a month,and my favourite drink are mocha and apple juice. Mocha from coffee plus Nescafe,for me it is so delicious. Although this coffee contain too much caffeine and will affect to our brain. Apple juice is more healthy especially who want to diet, this drink is good as a balanced diet. Right now, i like Terminator Salvation as my favourite movie because in this movie have a lot of action an also animation this as advantage to attract more people especially teenagers to watch this movie. And also i like to watch "So You Think You Can Dance" it is one of the TV show that i like it so much. My hobbies i like to go shopping,cinema,and listen to the music. I like Dr.Ahmad Fadzli Yaakob,people know him as a actor and singer before he become as a motivator, i like him because even he is actor and singer, he can manage his time properly to study, until get PhD and until he able open it is own University. He is the one singer that i know put study as the higher in his life.

Now, i am a student in UiTM Segamat, i started studying in UiTM Segamat on 26 June 2008. I am taking Diploma in Banking,now in Part3. My opinion this course,enable for me easily to get works on this department why i am saying like that it is because i attracted to this course. Now i am stay at college Zamrud, my opinion this college is strategic because nearest to buy eat at dining, also nearest to go class.

My Father's name Sadali bin Salleh,he is 42years old,my fathers work as a butcher,and my mother's name Roshidah binti Mansor,she is 40 years old. She is full time housewife. My parents were married on 26 January 1990. I have 6 siblings, i am the eldest also the only girl in my family.